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Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Service in Melbourne

Looking for a commercial laundry service in Melbourne that offers same-day FREE pickup and delivery of your laundry at competitive prices? If your business doesn’t have adequate space for a washer or drier, or if you go through so much commercial linen in a day that outsourcing the cleaning becomes a more cost-effective option, let Laundry Spa take care of the washing and drying of your commercial laundry and linen so you don’t have to! We service a diverse range of clients in and around the inner city Melbourne area such as South Melbourne, Richmond, Prahran and St Kilda. Discover how we can help the daily operations of your business.

Half price off your first order for all commercial clients

We specialise in the provision of a highly regarded commercial linen service for Melbourne businesses too busy or preoccupied to oversee the task themselves. And now, we’re offering half price off your first order, up to the value of $50. Among the diverse range of customers we extend our commercial linen service to, you’ll find:

From tourism and hospitality businesses to those in the emergency services and everyone in between, Laundry Spa upholds its promise of picking up and delivering freshly cleaned and dried linen and laundry direct to your doorstep.

To obtain a FREE, no-obligation quote for our leading commercial laundry service in Melbourne, get in touch with Laundry Spa today. Call us now on (03) 9690 8269

Commercial Laundry