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Ironing Service

Ironing Service

If there’s one part of the housework no one ever really likes doing, it’s the ironing. Mounds of wrinkled shirts and jackets, work pants that have been lying crumpled on the floor, and the much-debated “are you supposed to iron your jeans or not?” question – more often than not, you just want to either wake up the next day to find it all magically done or take it somewhere to have it all done for you. If you’re looking for an ironing service in Melbourne that is affordable and provides fast turnaround, you can trust Laundry Spa to get the job done with little fuss and maximum quality.

Discover Our Ironing Expertise

Laundry Spa specialises in providing an expert ironing service for individuals and commercial clients alike. Whether you don’t have the time to do the ironing at home, or you’re a venue manager requiring perfectly pressed table linen in time for an important function or seminar, you can trust Laundry Spa to provide you with free pickup and delivery as well as fast turnaround. With clothing and linen perfectly ironed by our staff, you’ll convey an image of professionalism at its finest.

Located on Park Street in South Melbourne and accommodating the needs of residents and businesses in Richmond, St Kilda and surrounding suburbs, when you need an affordable ironing service, we can help take the work off your hands. Give Laundry Spa a call on (03) 9690 8269 for more information.

Free Pickup and Free Delivery!

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